Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Exquisite Mediterranean in Hip Las Vegas Location

Although the outside is nice, even inviting you into the new Mediterranean fusion restaurant via road side sign you will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere you find inside. The Hummus Factory in Las Vegas has white table-clothed seating against stark blue painted walls, real napkins and tin buckets of flowers at each table. Even the restrooms are thoughtfully decorated, and notably clean. The wait staff was finely dressed, the music a relaxing classical, yet there was butcher paper on each white tablecloth for easy cleaning and social media accounts to follow on the menu's front page. Having a small child, I appreciated the new category we found today. It was somewhere between small bistro and the Cheesecake Factory (on second thought maybe that's what they were going for!).

Like I often do I went straight for ordering something I never heard of: Laban Eran, a refreshing salty drink I jotted was "terrible like drinking cottage cheese", but everything thereafter was amazing and the waitress told us people who like the salty drink have many in one visit, but would be free of charge to us even if we wanted to keep it. To begin our meal we ordered the Felafel Appetizer ($9) and the Greek Salad ($10). Each were a large portion to share and was not short of fresh ingredients. The presentation was beautiful, down to the way the cucumbers were sliced. Before our main entree came I already found myself saying "I think this is the best food I've had since I got back to Vegas a few months ago".

We noticed lots of details that made our dining experience finer, among them the pellet ice, homemade bread and zata butter and the staff's attentiveness to our needs. The menu was easy to order from (especially for health nuts and vegetarians), but when asked for a recommendation for meat our waiter knew what to say when he suggested we try Kibbi, 3 huge satisfying meat balls with a distinct, comforting Mediterranean spice flavor on a bed of rice.

We had plenty left over to take home and enjoy later, but when the waiter suggested a specific dessert we ignored our waist lines and went for it. Shabiat ($7) is a delicate filo dough pastry-like pocket filled with custard and topped with honey and ground pistachio. It was surprisingly light and guilt-free like the rest of our meal, providing us a good end to our visit and proving this restaurant does everything well. Upon checking out their web presence I learned that in their short month and a half being open they've already been featured in several well known media outlets, locally and nationally like The Food Network. You can trust their lasting power, in this neighborhood and possibly beyond.

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